Sunday, January 18, 2009

vox y rough y juan in a million

Now that you've been dishwalla'd, we'll get to our activities of the day.  We arrived at the studio around one in the afternoon and decided to get right to work on finishing up some vocals.  As Adam started in on putting the finishing touches to Where You Sleep, Jesse and I headed over to an east Austin brunch favorite called
Juan in a Million for some (you guessed it) impressive mexican dining.  Kinda had some hipster love in that joint for sure but it wasn't overbearing or gross.  Austin's cool like that.  We brought food back to the bros of the band as Adam moved over to the Sheet.  Here's what the vocal room looked like-

Now we're doing some rough mixes for the 7 tracks as Adam starts drinking a couple of Tecates and we start in on the last of back porch bb gun practice.  

It's 74 degrees, sunny, and it's January in Austin.  I'm already missing it and I haven't even left. We'll start packing our gear soon and making our way back to the tundra.  But it looks like we'll be coming back for sxsw, where we'll not only be playing some shows but working on final mixes with Erik.  blick/blamm/poof/pow.

We have a show coming up in February at Metro w/Prairie Cartel and Mr. Russia.  See you peeps then... 

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