Thursday, January 15, 2009

droppin' the update on y'all

Straight from the studio, I present Dino182 to the masses.  He churned out some sick guitar tones and a couple of one-take jakes this morning.  It was quite amazing to see this character emerge from the bowels of the Cacophony Recorders studio and perform so honorably for the aptekans.  

In other news, it was 57 degrees here in Austin.  We are not sorry that we chose this week to leave Chicago.  It was quite interesting to take a look at the front page of the Chicago Tribune today and see the headline "Why DO we live here, anyways?"  Yikes, folks.  Really feeling for our fellow Chicagoans right now.  

We're almost done recording guitars and started working on vocals last night.  Things have been going swimmingly with our new pal Erik the Great.  He and Maverick (aka Ranger) have given us eleventy-four mind blowing analog sounds to contend with over the past couple of days and we're eternally grateful.  Louder than Love got some love from the board we're working with and there's plenty of other goodies that have seen glorious sessions over the years.  It's so kind bud.  

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