Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday's alright for tracking the vox

Indigenous in the making...

So yesterday was an awesome day of relaxation and recuperation.  We hit the reset button on the ole ears and took the day off from the studio.  We watched a marathon of Arrested Development and then hit up one of the best BBQ places in all of Austin called the Salt Lick.  It kind of did number on us.  Adam called it one his most satisfying meals ever.  We went back Beth and Mike's place (where we've been staying all week) and lazily crashed out to more big screen TV and sleepy dogs.  

Today is all about tracking vocals and finishing up aux percussion stuff.  Really getting excited to hear some rough mixes.  The board, the gear, and analog effects we're using with Erik are really exciting and interesting to hear in action.  They seem to be bringing a depth and fullness to drum and vocal tones that we haven't really had access to in our own recordings.  It's fun to see it come together and give the songs another layer of goodness.  More to come...

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