Saturday, January 10, 2009

And We're Off to Austin

Hello y'all.  We're packing the van as this is being posted- so much gear and so much snow (could there be any more snow being f'ing dumped on Chicago right now?  Goddamn).  I think we're all a little excited to get the hell out of here.  It's kind of disgusting outside right now.  In case you're not in the know, we're heading down to Austin, TX, to record at Cacaphony Recordings w/Erik Wofford this week.  We've spent the last few practices in pre-production mode, getting our collective heads in shape- you know, like practicing scales, finger strengthening exercises, and doing wii fitness together.  Our band therapist says these are all good things to do in pre-pro.

So this is going to be the place where we kind document the Austin trip, recordings, and general shenanigans.  Bookmark it, feed it, what have you.  Should be lots of pics, videos, and guest appearances throughout the week.  

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