Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 1 at cacaphony

Recording has begun in earnest!  Yesterday we got some good basic tracks but today has been way more productive; basic drums, guitars, and bass are done for 5 of 7 songs, so we're right on schedule.  So great to be back working with tape.  Everything is sounding great.  The studio is beautiful--really wide open and sunny, with a back deck that looks out onto the Colorado river, which is the river that runs through Austin.  There's even a BB gun out there for shootin' at shit, so life can't get no better.  We're still getting used to being able to go outside anytime we want--it's like 65, but it feels like 80 at least.  So weird to remember it can be enjoyable to be outside when you are in the throes of a Chicago winter. 

Heading back in now for the afternoon sessions--"If you were here" and "Indigenous"  are on deck.  Thanks for reading, we'll post again soon.



  1. oh, it hurts to read about that warm weather. i'm so glad you fellas are having a rootin' tootin' time. now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go freeze my teeth off.

  2. It sorta looks like pachyderm studios in Cannon Falls MN. At least back in Oct 07 when I was there.

    Kick out the jams and bring me a copy. I'm djing at the Conti on Wednesday Jan 21 so hopefully you'll be back by then.