Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apteka "discovers" Dishwalla!

 I was noodling around on the piano and Adam was convinced he could almost guess what I was playing (I thought I was onto a pretty sweet original, actually).  We were casting about trying to think of what it was--The Cure?  Some other maudlin 80's song of yore? And then in a flash of inspiration it came to us--of course, it could only be...that's right, Dishwalla!  In fact, it was their one hit "Counting Blue Cars."  Dino came in just in time to catch the chorus and add his own falsesetto stylings to the mix.  This is how great music is made, by stumbling across mediocre FM alternative rock from a decade + ago.  Enjoy! 


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  1. nope, nevermind ... THIS is my favorite recording of anything ever.